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Tips for Troublesome Tourists

I wrote this when I worked at a resort on Maui. Maybe I was a little frustrated.

1. You are basically a guest in someone's home. Don't act like you own the place.

2. You are a tourist, not royalty. If you treat people like your servants, they will mess with you and you won't even know it.

3. Throw away your own trash. Do your neighbors bring their trash to your house and dump it on the floor in your living room?

4. Traffic laws are the same everywhere. You can't make up your own just because you are on vacation.

5. Your body may be a temple, but most of them look like condemned shacks. Exposing your body in public places can take the beauty of Maui down a notch or two.

6. Common sense is not that hard to attain. How did you survive so long without it?

7. The cost of your vacation might be a lot for you, but whatever the cost, it doesn't give you the right to break every rule where you stay. It only allows you the privilege of being a guest as long as you follow the rules.

8. Control your children. If you can't, then maybe you need some parenting classes.

9. Control yourself. I guess your parents never had parenting classes either.

10. Try to be just a little smarter, then maybe you won't be called a touron.

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